Our Process: The Aims of Fraser Financial

  1. We aim to be responsible and prudent stewards of our client’s assets and to put their interests FIRST in all matters.

  2. We aim to empower, train and guide EVERY member of our TEAM so they can efficiently and knowledgably assist our clients to achieve positive outcomes.

  3. We aim to source and deliver “best of class” products and services that best meet the needs of our clients.

  4. We aim to conduct ourselves in a professional, independent and fiscally responsible manner that will allow for continuous improvement, financial integrity and the continuity of our FIRM.

  5. We aim to contribute time and resources to our community in the most beneficial way possible.

What’s an investor to do?
You’ve likely heard your friends and colleagues lament that “all advisors are alike”. They’re quick to make a sale, but promises of ongoing communication and regular reviews are quick to fall into the pile of good intentions.

At IPC Investment Corporation, we’d like the opportunity to prove to you why we’re different. We follow a disciplined approach to establish a professional relationship with our clients, and we follow a prescribed ongoing communication template in which we’ll establish and confirm your communication expectations as well as deliver against those expectations.