Chuck Webb, B.A., E.P.C

Retired Advisor

Chuck Webb has moved to the role of "Founding Partner" and is now retiring. Chuck will be “passing the torch”, so to speak, to Dean Lewis, and Dale-Lynn Desabrais. Chuck has played an integral role in the success of the Fraser Financial Group over the past twenty-five years and will continue to provide guidance & mentoring to the Senior Advisors and team at Fraser Financial – Abbotsford.

Chuck Webb is a founder, director and principal shareholder of The Fraser Financial Group. He heads our Abbotsford office. Chuck was the recipient of many scholarships at the University of British Columbia, where he studied psychology and economics. After graduating in 1981, he followed a career in the financial services sector.

Chuck specialized in retirement planning and asset management, ultimately co-founding The Fraser Financial Group with Gary Huston in December 1991. Chuck’s articles have appeared frequently in several local newspapers, and he has been actively involved in the financial education of both staff and faculty at the University College of the Fraser Valley and other institutions.

Chuck is a keen (some might say obsessed!) amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, and has three children. Chuck works closely with his team in Abbotsford to provide effective financial advice and services including developing, implementing and constantly monitoring his clients’ diversified financial plans. He is qualified as a charter member of the Elder Planning Counselor program.